20 Small Shower Ideas That Still Make a Big Impact

small shower

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If your bathroom is ultra petite, it doesn't mean that you can't fit an amazing shower into the setup. Sure, it may take a bit of creative thinking, but trust us—there are some beautiful small showers that get the job done while looking elegant at the same time.

Worried that a small space will make it difficult to embrace fun finishes and patterns? Well, fear not. The great news is that when designing a small shower, you can truly go in any direction you would like. Maybe you crave a bit of pattern—well, why not try a colorful tile or stone in the shower? But if you prefer neutrals, that's a popular choice, too. And if you're a modernist, there are plenty of ways to have fun with contemporary elements in the bathroom—glass shower doors and black hardware, anyone?

If you're in the process of designing a new bathroom and don't know where to begin, read on to gather plenty of decorating and layout inspo from the 20 images below.

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Terrific Terrazzo

small showers

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Terrazzo in the shower: why not? This material is having a major moment and will jazz up even the most petite bathrooms. Given how often you use your shower, it's worthwhile to design it to fit your overall aesthetic and personality.

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Super Shelf

small showers

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If your shower is ultra-small and you're concerned about bath product storage, take a cue from this setup, which features a handy built-in shelf that can house all of the essentials. There's even space for some adorable accents.

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Winning Built-In

small showers

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Alternatively, if you're designing a small shower space from scratch, you could consider adding a built-in shelf to keep products within reach. This small nook is the perfect size for a few shampoo bottles and other basics.

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Handsome Herringbone

small shower

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A beautiful herringbone pattern covers the length of an entire bathroom wall and extends into the shower. Don't be afraid to have fun with tile, which can really add style and personality to any small bathroom.

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Multipurpose Space

small shower

@everydaycottage / Instagram

It's a bathroom and laundry room all in one! This utilitarian space does it all. A shower complete with a built-in shelf is essential and looks super sleek.

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Feeling Artsy

small shower

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This curved shower fits into a corner nook just perfectly. And why not enjoy some art while rinsing off? Hanging a gallery wall that can be viewed from within the shower adds intrigue to even the tiniest of bathrooms.

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Vintage Vibes

small shower

@devonia_villa_ / Instagram

Love vintage-inspired spaces? You'll fall hard for this charming bathroom, which features a quintessential clawfoot tub that will transport you to simpler times. The best part is that it still functions as a shower as well—just on a smaller scale!

Opt for a white shower curtain, which is practical and doesn't distract from the tub's gorgeous silhouette.

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Nice and Neutral

small shower

@ournewbuild_atno44 / Instagram

While there isn't much breathing room between this shower, toilet, and sink, this petite bathroom still gets the job done. Opting for neutral paint colors and accessories can help make a space look a bit larger and airier, as exemplified here.

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Small Yet Stylish

small shower

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Romanticize the everyday. Even if your shower is small, you can still make it look nice and luxe with the addition of candles, chic bath products, and even a small plant. Who needs a fancy spa when you can relax just as well from the comfort of your own home?

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Cool Curves

small shower

@ballgownwithacoffeestain / Instagram

Another curved shower shines in this bathroom. Getting creative with layout is the name of the game when dealing with compact spaces.

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Plenty of Variety

small shower

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If you're a maximalist, you can still enjoy a variety of patterns in your bathroom—you just have to get creative. Various types of floor and wall tiles complement each other in this quirky space.

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Mod Statement

small shower

@homewithmoti / Instagram

Modernists will fall for this sleek black shower that makes a contemporary statement despite being compact. A small space doesn't mean that you can't take big design risks—it actually implies the opposite. Your small shower is actually bursting with design potential.

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Almost Hidden

small shower

@lottieshousebuild / Instagram

Blink and you might miss this tiny shower, nestled behind a tiled wall. We're all about creative use of space, and this setup truly exemplifies making the most of every inch in a bathroom.

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Sleek Glass

small shower

@lizzydesigns_ / Instagram

In small bathrooms, showers that feature glass doors are a popular design choice. They appear more contemporary and make a space feel more open—no need for a bulky or busy-looking shower curtain.

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Rustic Elements

small shower

@creekside.designs / Instagram

A rustic-looking bench adds character to this bathroom and fits snugly inside the shower, where it can double as a storage space for shampoo and other essentials. Any shower looks grander with the addition of decorative details.

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Tucked Away

small shower

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This small shower is part of a bathroom sneakily hidden behind a closet door. Despite its size, the space is still full of natural light, which is always a win.

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Luxe Blue and Gold

small showers

@annarickardinteriors / Instagram

Bring on the gold and blue! These gorgeous colors make a luxe looking statement in this small bathroom. Gold hardware is a timeless choice and can go a long way in adding extra oomph to any space.

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Bye-Bye, Bulk

small shower

@this_bright_house / Instagram

A half-sized glass panel is also a popular design choice and makes this shower area appear much less bulky than it would with a standard shower curtain present while still providing function.

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Whimsical Tiles

small shower

@athomein17 / Instagram

Shower under the stars! This peppy pattern is a great tile pick for a kids' bathroom or anywhere else that could use a bit of whimsy. A horizontal shelf that expands the length of the shower makes it easy to display bath products in a neat fashion; if the bathroom is shared, there's even room to set out baskets to keep each person's supplies nice and organized.

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Farmhouse Fun

small shower

@mamofboys / Instagram

A windowpane style shower door brings modern farmhouse vibes into the bathroom, as does the subway tile present throughout the space. If there's an aesthetic you love and incorporate throughout the rest of your home, why not bring it into the bathroom?