Inside a Gorgeous Cali-Cool Home That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

White bedroom

Before we dive in, let's get the hard part out of the way: As much as you'll want to, you can't move into this stunning Southern California home. I know, we were heartbroken, too. When photographer Amy Bartlam told MyDomaine she recently shot a Los Angeles home for Jette Creative that was "moody and rich and full of beautiful furniture," we knew we'd fall in love with it immediately.

Built in 1926, this Spanish-style abode is an architectural dream, complete with large arches, exposed beams, and stained wood floors. Each room feels like an extension of the next, without compromising the sense of cozy intimacy that we think is integral to a livable family home. This sense of consistency is also thanks to a color palette that prioritizes a high-impact contrast between black and white, with dreamy hints of blue, gold, and green woven in. Each splash of color, as well as the special attention to texture, softens up the space for a wholly inviting atmosphere.

The designers over at Jette Creative wanted to incorporate "items that tell a story" to make the home intriguing, sophisticated, and inviting all at once, and they definitely nailed it. Are you ready for the grand tour to get some major decorating inspiration from this artful L.A. home? Scroll through to get a glimpse inside each stylish room, starting in the entryway.

The Killer First Impression

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

Dramatic high ceilings with stained wood beams and large, sparse artwork give this entryway instant allure. Swing open the front door and you'll find a gorgeous display of creativity, simplicity, and warmth. The mix of vintage and new furniture, together with a casual rug, also brings in a dimension of comfort, which is a great way to balance out the austere beauty of crisp white walls and hardwood floors. Speaking of those white walls, we're obsessed with how fresh these are (the shade is "White Opulence" by Benjamin Moore).

The Artful Country Kitchen

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

A cohesive aesthetic from floor to ceiling is crucial to photogenic and livable interiors—and this kitchen absolutely nails it. The deep navy and bright white handmade tiles really enhance the Spanish-style roots of the home, seamlessly blending with the disappearing chef's hood as well as the polished pieces, like the brass fixtures and shiny marble surface. Though it's a tough call, our favorite part of the kitchen is the black windowsill. With a classic, old-timey feel, it gives the kitchen an edge that elevates and adds depth as well as complexity to the room.

The Fine Dining Room

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

Now that is one fine dining room. Natural light beaming from the window, plants, and white walls heightens this feeling of openness and tranquility. Similar to the previous rooms, this one contrasts brass accents with deep shades of black and gorgeous stained wood floors. These consistencies, along with the white paint and exposed beams, make this home truly feel like a unit. As the designers over at Jette Creative explain, they "really wanted the common areas to be connected through large arches so that you can see all the spaces when you walk in the door." If you look closely, you can see the entryway and living room peeking through the arch.

The Alfresco Dining Area

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

What makes this home special is the interplay between light and dark, outside and inside, dressed up and dressed down. As we can see here, the patio also does a beautiful job of incorporating black and white tones as well as earthy, wooden floors. Sleek, modern furniture is used to highlight the natural light and beautifully vivid green of the plants. It's such a natural extension of the interior home and would be the perfect backdrop for a summer party.

The Balanced Living Room

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

We love how the living room maintains architectural integrity with large classic windows, high ceilings, and a retro brick fireplace. The soft, large rug is super inviting, which makes it perfect for guests and the family that resides there. To make the overall aesthetic more sophisticated, Jette Creative created a custom emerald green velvet sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. This room has a distinctly lived-in and friendly feel, while also being a great space for fancier gatherings if the owners of the house so choose.

The Serene Nursery

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

Though this may look like a break from the rest of the home's color palette, it's actually quite consistent. Indeed, it takes each color a couple of notches lighter, transforming navy to seafoam blue, walnut to tan, and black to gray. This brightening is an ingenious method of making the nursery match the rest of the house. And muted colors lighten up the mood to make it the perfect cozy place for naps, games, and storytime. Jette Creative let us know that the gorgeous gallery wall in the back was done by artist Jane Dalton. "After completing the renovation and getting in most of the furniture, they announced we'd be helping them design a nursery. Their son, William, was born two weeks after we shot the house," they told us.

The Playful Bathroom

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

Even though these are the same tiles as those in the kitchen, they feel fresh and unique in the bathroom, where they contrast with the pastel rug. And isn't that pop of color a fun surprise? The peach and bright yellow tones are unexpected, which is one of the interesting things about this home: It's such a consistent unit, yet each space feels totally different and creative. We also love how the shower seamlessly bleeds into the rest of the room—it really amplifies the space, as do the brass accents and white paint throughout. 

The Immaculate Shower

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

This shower seriously takes things to a whole new level. There isn't too much going on, and we love the simplicity of wall-to-wall white subway tiles for a classic feel, along with the signature Spanish tiles to honor the original style of the home. The glimmering gold showerhead and the marble soap dispenser add those finishing touches to top it all off with a sense of refinement. And how could we forget that gorgeous green plant? While we can't say we'd thought of this idea before, we're sold on the décor idea now. Just look at the way that vine scales the white walls to the geometric floor.

The Timeless Bedroom

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Jette Creative

Bedding is the clincher that makes the primary bedroom room unique and distinguishes it from the rest of the house, and this set gets the job done well. The designer explains it perfectly, describing it as a "luxurious, but friendly atmosphere with contrast in color and texture throughout."

Primary Bedroom

The term "Primary Bedroom" is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term "Master." Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

The orange rug that peeks out below introduces just the right amount of intrigue to keep the eye engaged without overwhelming it. The brass light fixture pops nicely, and it also happens to be the perfect little nightlight under which to fall asleep with a good book.