30 Dreamy Stock Tank Pool Ideas

stock tank pool ideas

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In the heat of summer, few things feel better than a quick dip in the pool. But there's no need to go leave your own backyard to get poolside—instead, add a stock tank pool and have an aquatic oasis right outside your back door. Stock tank pools come in all sorts of sizes for all sorts of spaces. Keep reading to see 30 of our favorites.

What Is a Stock Tank Pool?

Traditionally used in farming for cows or other livestock to drink water, these large round troughs can be turned into pools by adding a pool filter and chlorine.

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Define Your Space

stock tank pool ideas l shaped fence

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To better define the space around your stock tank pool, add an L-shaped fence or trellis. Not only does this look good and provide some privacy, but it can also be used for storage or extra seating too.

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Hang Wood Panels

wood panels stock tank pool ideas

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Wood fencing panels can bring privacy to all kinds of pools, including stock tank ones. Install only one near a prominent sightline for a chic and modern vibe.

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Build a Simple Deck

stock tank pool ideas deck

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To get an in-ground pool feeling without all the digging, build a deck to surround your stock tank. These allow for extra seating and sunbathing.

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Create a Woodland Wonderland

woodland stock tank pool ideas

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Want to create a woodland wonderland for your stock tank pool? Plants lots of ferns and shade-loving plants near it to bring in a forest feeling.

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Use Pavers

stock tank pool ideas pavers

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Another ground cover choice for your stock tank pool are pavers or brick. These bring a classy look to your outdoor space, and they keep mud and grass out of your pool.

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Add Shade

shade stock tank pool ideas

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To create shade for your stock tank pool quickly and easily, install a shade canopy or sail from a nearby fence or trellis.

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Go In-Ground

stock tank pool ideas in ground

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Want the look of an in-ground pool without the size? Use a stock tank pool. These versatile swimming solutions can be placed in your yard too.

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Stick With Rose Stripes

stock tank pool ideas stripes

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Another fun way to decorate your stock tank pool is with rose-colored stripes. To pick the perfect color for your stripes, use a color that's found elsewhere in your yard.

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Add Lounge Chairs

stock tank pool ideas lounge chairs

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Take a hint from larger pools at hotels and fitness clubs, and add a lounge chair or two. These provide an easy way to dry off and tan after a dip in the water.

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Bring the Grill

grill stock tank pool ideas

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For the best barbecues around, place your grill near your stock tank pool. A fun and delicious evening, guaranteed.

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Use Gravel

gravel stock tank pool ideas

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To keep your pool area weed-free (and to avoid getting grass in the pool) cover the surrounding pool area in pea gravel or another type of small rock.

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Go Solo

stock tank pool ideas solo

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For a pool that's just for you, look for an oval-shaped stock tank pool. It will allow you to lounge about in your own private water oasis.

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Keep It Small

stock tank pool ideas small space

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The variety of sizes that stock tank pools come in make them great picks for smaller spaces too, like pint-size patios. Add a few potted plants and some privacy fencing and you've got yourself a relaxing backyard retreat.

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Use Existing Gathering Spaces

stock tank pool ideas gathering spaces

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Sitting in a stock tank pool with friends is a great way to spend the evening. Considering this, make sure to place your pool in an area where it can become the de-facto hangout spot, like near existing outdoor seating or gathering spaces.

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Head to the Mountains

stock tank pool ideas mountains

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Stock tank pools aren't just for summery-feeling backyards—they can also fit right at home in cabin or mountain retreats too.

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Don't Forget the Float

stock tank pool ideas statement float

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Statement pool floats are an essential part of your stock tank pool setup, so don't forget to add one or two that you love.

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Highlight Your View

stock tank pool ideas view

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Have a spot in your backyard with a one-in-a-million view? It's the perfect place for your stock tank pool.

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Bring in Extra Seating

stock tank pool ideas extra seating

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To make sure your pool can become a gathering place for four or more people, even if it only fits two to three, add seating nearby that will allow others to chat with those in the pool.

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Plant a Garden

garden stock tank pool ideas

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For an immersive outdoor experience all summer long, plant a lush garden surrounding your pool.

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Make It Tropical

stock tank pool ideas tropical


In the spirit of sunny summer pool days all year long, add a tropical theme to your stock tank pool. This can be done with tropical plants, tiki torches, and woven or wicker décor.

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Find a Tree

stock tank pool ideas mature trees

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Mature trees can easily become the standout feature of any backyard. If you're lucky enough to have one of your own in your space, place your stock tank pool near it to add to its visual oomph (and to give you a little shade too).

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Add a Little Grass

stock tank pool ideas

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Want to add a bit of green to your pool surround? Plant lush grass in-between pavers to give your feet a soft place to land.

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Make It Moody

stock tank pool ideas nighttime

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To make a stock tank pool just as wonderful to use in the evening as during the day, add lots of mood lighting with candles, lanterns, and string lights.

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Use Corners

stock tank pool ideas

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Stuck on where to put your stock tank pool? Consider a corner that's not getting much use of its own. Stock tank pools don't need much space of their own.

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Paint It Pink

stock tank pool ideas paint

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For a fun pop of color in your outdoor space, paint your stock tank pool pink. To make it fit in with the rest of your yard, add a few other pink elements, like flowers or décor, nearby.

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Build a Platform

stock tank pool ideas deck platform


Placing your stock tank pool on a small platform deck makes it easier to get in and out of, and allows for a fun hang-out spot near it too.

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Use Trees for Privacy

stock tank pool ideas tree privacy


Another way to define space and create privacy near your stock tank pool is with large plants like shrubs and trees. If you're worried about the long-term commitment of a tree or damage from its roots, look for a dwarf species that can be potted.

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Use What You've Got

stock tank pool ideas porch

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If you already have an existing shade shelter or porch in your backyard, make it the space for your stock tank pool as well. It's already protected from the elements in a spot like this, and it will be easy to access other frequently-used parts of your backyard too.

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Paint the Inside

stock tank pool ideas decorated bottom

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To make your stock tank pool a little bit more unique, consider painting the inside or adding stick on tiles to the bottom of it. These can both be used to create fun patterns and designs, and make the pool feel more representative of your own style.

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Go to the Desert

stock tank pool ideas desert

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Stock tank pools can look great in almost any outdoor space, including deserts. But to make sure things don't get too hot, add a pergola or shade shelter above the pool.