18 Teal Living Room Ideas We Can't Get Over

teal living room ideas

dazey den

Ever get tired of the same old beige-white living room color combo? Us too. While neutrals are a timeless look, it's time to bring some color back into the living room and embrace bold tints and bright shades.

And a great color to do just that is teal. Though teal may seem over-the-top, when paired with the right colors and used in the correct way, teal can be a stunning pick for any living room.

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Try a Teal Sofa

teal living room sofa

katie martinez design

One of the easiest ways to add teal into your living room is by adding a teal sofa. It's lower impact than a layer of paint, and a softer take on the vibrant hue. You can also get a similar effect by adding a teal loveseat or accent chair.

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Use a Blue-ish Teal

blue teal living room

erin williamson

For a teal living room that's practically aquatic, try a teal that leans more towards blue than green. Deep blue teals give spaces a relaxing look and are a great choice for more mid-century-styled living rooms, like this one from Erin Williamson.

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Use Teal Near Your TV

tv accent wall teal living room

casa watkins living

Instead of all-over teal, some prefer an accent wall or two. Accent walls can be nearly any wall, but sometimes they look best when it's a wall your eye is already drawn to, like the one your TV is on. For an eye-catching teal look, paint the wall your media center or TV is on, like Casa Watkins Living did here.

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Paint Your Fireplace

teal living room fireplace

dazey den

For a southwestern take on your living room, paint your fireplace a lovely shade of teal, like the living room above from Dazey Den. When paired with warm reds and greens, teal is the final piece in your color combination puzzle.

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Double the Teal

teal living room two sofas

erin williamson

A great way to bring teal into your living room is through furniture—namely, sofas. But if you want teal to be center-stage in your space, consider using two sofas instead of one. For a put-together look, use two identical ones, like Erin Williamson did here. For a more offbeat twist, pair two complementary teal sofas,

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Try Deep Teal

dark teal living room

arbor & co.

For a subtler, more grown-up teal living room look, try out a deeper shade of the vibrant hue. You'll still have the beautiful blue-green blend, but it will be a little less obvious—perfect for spaces that already have a lot going on, like tiny studios or open-concept spaces.

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Pair Teal With Yellow

yellow teal living rooms

casa watkins living

Few colors pair better with teal than marigold yellow. The bright shades of the yellow contrast wonderfully alongside the deep hues of the teal, creating a living room look that's neither too dark nor too bright.

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Bring in Textured Teal

textured teal living room

mindy gayer

Looking to amp up the effect of teal in your living room? Bring on the texture. A velvety teal, like what's seen in the sofa above from the space by Mindy Gayer Design, makes the living room feel luxe and elegant. While a more roughly woven teal will make a living room look more casual.

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Paint Your Walls and Built-ins

walls and built ins teal living room

mindy gayer

For a custom teal look that seems like it's been there all along, add some useful cabinetry to your living room according to your needs. Then, paint the cabinetry and the wall behind it the same shade of teal—the identical shades will make the whole fixture look built-in.

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Pair Teal With Brass

brass teal living room

mindy gayer

Another picture-perfect teal combination can be found in teal and brass. The warm golden hues of the brass provide a nice contrast to the cooler tones of teal. To make this color combo pack even more of a punch, use a matte-finish teal with a shiny brass.

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Try a Teal Coffee Table

teal coffee table living room

rikki snyder

Teal doesn't have to be the main event—it can also be a great accent color in a living room too. Bring in accents of teal with smaller pieces of furniture like coffee and side tables, or use it in the décor and throw pillows of a room. Or, do both!

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Use a Green-ish Teal

green teal living room

rikki snyder

A teal that leans more green than blue can be a great color for a living room with a more eclectic or vintage look. Additionally, a greenish teal is often lighter than a bluish teal, making it good pick for smaller or busier spaces.

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Give Neon Teal a Shot

neon teal living room

rikki snyder

Looking to add some bold and bright color to your living room? Time to break out the neon teal. Though this vibrant hue may be too much for some, it's certainly the color to make a statement. But to keep your living room from feeling too much like an '80s flashback, use neon teal in furniture and décor, rather than painting it on your wall.

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Add a Teal Sectional

teal sectional living room

victoria bell designs

You've seen the teal sofa, but what about the teal sectional? Get ready to get colorful and cozy. The fun and comfortable vibe of teal sectionals makes them the perfect pick for family rooms, play rooms, or game rooms.

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Try a Teal Accent Chair

teal accent chair living room

rikki snyder

A small teal accent chair is an easy way to bring some color into a space that might not normally have it, like a formal sitting room or traditional living room.

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Add Teal Cabinetry

teal cabinetry living rooms

bespoke only

Looking for extra storage in your living room? And a little bit of extra color too? The answer to both can be found in teal cabinetry. For a softer look, use a more muted shade of teal, like what's seen in this space from Bespoke Only. For a bolder take, amp up the saturation of your teal and look for bright and bold shades.

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Don't Forget Teal Wallpaper

teal wallpaper living room

bespoke only

There's more than one way to put teal on your living room walls. Teal wallpaper can bring in just as much color as paint can, but with the added bonus of elegant patterns that only wallpaper can provide.

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Pair Teal With Red

teal red living room

house nine

Red and teal, especially a green-ish teal, are the answer to your living-room-color-combo question. Pick one color to use as the main shade, and use another as the accent. We love the teal shelving in this space from House Nine, especially when paired alongside the red throw pillows and rug.