The 5 Key Elements for My Stylish + Functional Home Office

These products were the key to my home office makeover

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After nearly 2 years of working from home, I’m so glad to finally have an established home office. Between moving 2 hours north of NYC and selling most of my furniture along the way, getting settled has taken time - which for me, has been a good thing. Having the space to think about how I want my home office to look and function has allowed me to create something that not only is visually appealing, but that boasts comfort and inspiration. My goal was to stray a bit from neutrals and tonal details, and instead infuse the space with color and texture while still preserving a feeling of calm.

MOTW 3 - Before

The room before its makeover.

Always delightfully surprised by what QVC has to offer, I knew looking towards their curated collections would lead me to items that would help tell the story I wanted to in my office. Their unique shopping experience brings genuine excitement, and as expected, I found amazing pieces to bring the 5 key elements that make up my perfect home office to life. 

1: A cute but comfortable desk area 

I’m starting out with the obvious here, but this set-up deserves to be talked about. Because the room I chose for my home office is on the smaller side, I wanted a desk that felt minimal and light, without compromising style. This computer desk with a brass base and marble top gave me just that.

QVC Versanora Home Office Computer Desk Metal Base,Marble/Brass $87.96 $69.49

I chose this velvet pleated desk chair in this rich royal blue shade to make a statement and add a pop of color. The rounded shape provides so much comfort and gives the space a regal feel.

MOTW 3 - Chairs

2: Functional Accessories

As an Aries and avid list maker, a planner is something I’d never be caught without. I like to keep work and personal life separate which gave me a chance to pick out something new to plan my work weeks in. In the spirit of color and pattern, this planner was the obvious choice. It gets me excited to plan and makes for an adorable desk element, the same way this terrazzo rose gold desk lamp does. The room can be darker at certain times of the day, so between that and anticipating dark mornings in the season to come, desk lighting was also a must. I’m a huge fan of terrazzo and stone, and to be able to have that in my workspace in a functional way feels special.

QVC Glitzhome Simple Chic Desk Top Terrazzo Table Lamp $99.99

Another small but important detail is my wireless mouse, which allows me to do my job more comfortably.  It’s peach color keeps the desk playful, and if you’re like me and find the sound of the *click* important, this one will not disappoint.

MOTW 3 - Desk Lamp

3: Storage 

Aside from a working space, I also need this room to operate as a home yoga/fitness  area. I knew I needed a small storage solution to hold things like yoga blocks and dumbbells, but that still felt intentional and like it belonged in the space. I fell in love with this 3 drawer organizer, I was so drawn to the combination of the heather gray textile and wooden elements.

QVC Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Fabric Storage Organizer $130.19

It balances out the colorful pops of the desk area, and also looks so at home underneath this pastel painting of the NYC skyline. To keep with the functional aspect of this corner of the room, this globe floor lamp provides even more lighting in an extremely minimal, but stylish way. 

MOTW 3 - Storage

4: Meaningful + Inspiring Accents 

I think one of the beautiful things about having an office in your own home is the opportunity it gives to really personalize the space with special items and photos. Motivation comes from all aspects of our lives and it was important to me to feel that in this room. I chose this industrial inspired bookshelf to offset the lightness of the rest of the design, and filled it with meaningful items like family photos, crystals, and dried flowers + vases from special occasions.

QVC Honey Can Do 4-Tier Industrial Black Bookshelf $199.99

To liven up the shelves and offer a fresh feel, I added these no-fuss and incredibly realistic faux eucalyptus bunches to a clear jar as the focal point of the top shelf. As a florist, I really appreciate the details like the leaf veins and varying green colors that make these look anything but faux. 

MOTW - Faux Plant

I also added a sprinkle of meaning in another area of the room with this small grid shelf directly to the right of the desk. It holds some special items that make me smile and adds a personal touch to the immediate work area. 

MOTW 3 - Shelf

5: An alternate spot to work 

I’m the type of person who needs a bit of movement and changes of scenery throughout the day to stay productive. For the time in between meetings and when I don’t need a desk top to complete work, I wanted to have a separate area that felt a bit more relaxed where I can continue to foster my creative flow. I’ve always loved the look of floor poufs, so I was very excited to find this structural one with fun patterns and stitching.

QVC Floor Pouf with Abstract Mudcloth Design by Valerie $159.37

While I did want this area to stay airy and feel spacious, it definitely needed another stand-out element - and this beaded wall hanging is it. The meticulous construction and natural materials bring a sense of calm, and offer reprieve from the bright, punchy colors that live elsewhere in this room. It’s one of the first things that catches your eye when you enter the doorway, and compliments the formal workspace it sits next to perfectly. 

MOTW 3 - Wall Hang

 To add some warmth and texture, I chose this QVC area rug. I decided to go with a round shape to compliment the angular feel of the room and other furniture, with the pattern of the rug adding some visual interest and fun.

MOTW 3 - Final

I’m so excited and motivated by this space I was able to create with QVC. If you’re looking to design a special room of your own, new customers can get $10 off a purchase of $25+ with code OFFER, and I highly recommend putting that discount to use! It’s rare to be able to find everything you’re looking for in one place, and is definitely one of the reasons that it’s an amazing option to shop for your own home office. Having this new place within my home that feels equal parts productive, creative, relaxing and inspiring is something I feel extremely grateful for.