Top Tips to Maximize Your Space When Working from Home

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Man using foldable desk from Staples Connect

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Those of us that live in a small apartment or home already know the struggle of trying to fit everything you own into that space. Now, as many of us face the challenge of working from home, we must make room for a suitable workstation as well.

In this kind of situation, utilizing space in creative ways is a must and every square foot matters! Here are a couple ideas on how to set up a comfortable workspace with limited space available.

Ergonomic chair

Staples Connect

When backed into a corner, take a seat.

The corner of a room is easily overlooked when looking for available space. Take a look at the corners of your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. Can you fit a small corner table and ergonomic chair there? By utilizing corners of a room, you could produce a full workstation while occupying minimal space.

Woman organizing her work space

Staples Connect

Unfold organization.

If you have a little more room than a corner, opt for a convertible piece of furniture like the Fold Down Desk sold in Staples stores. This solution is perfect for anyone who works better with a full set up but can’t commit to designating that space to a desk full time. With storage space for notebooks, pens, and desk accessories, you don’t have to rummage for your supplies at 9 am to then have to break it all down and store it at 5pm. The front is an erasable white board so you can brainstorm Monday-Friday and then update it to match your décor for when you need that space for entertaining or living your life!

Woman at standing desk

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Make your tech multi-task.

Re-creating the set-up you had at your office would be ideal, but in reality many of us just don’t have the room for a sprawling desk. Each item you choose to decorate your desk with should earn its space by providing function. Lots of tech items these days serve multiple purposes which helps cut down on clutter and maximize your productivity, like this 2-IN-1 Speaker & LED Lamp. It also powers up via USB so you’ll have one less unsightly cord to compete for a valuable outlet spot.

Woman working at desk

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Seat AND storage.

Furniture that has a dual design and can be used for multi-use is key for those who do not have the room for a designated workspace. My ottoman has been a “go to” seat for me these days. It can easily be moved around the apartment so you can sit at your coffee table, bedroom nightstand, kitchen table, pretty much anywhere. The best part? My ottoman has storage! When the workday is over, I store my work, laptop, charging cords, etc. all inside and step away without leaving any clutter.

Woman using standing desk

Staples Connect

Let’s flex.

These days can start to feel repetitive and staying cooped up in a small apartment doesn’t help. If you find your productivity level is higher when you move around your apartment just to change things up a bit, then having a flexible workspace could be beneficial. An adjustable laptop riser is a game changer for this kind of working. It gives you the ability to move around from surface to surface and adjust your screen to whatever surface height you will be working from at the time.

Working from home with limited space definitely has its challenges, but with a comfortable workstation and a dress code of sweatpants, I think we can make it work!