14 Bright and Cheerful Yellow Bathroom Ideas

yellow bathroom ideas

home with helen and co

A yellow bathroom is certainly an out-of-the-ordinary one. However, an out-of-the-ordinary color choice could be just the bold design choice your home needs. For something on the softer side, use a paler, creamy yellow. For a color that is reminiscent of summer all year long, try a bright and sunny yellow. Or, to amp up the moodiness and add a little drama, pick a burnt yellow that takes its color cues from a deep orange.

Whatever shade of yellow you decide to add to your bathroom, know that you can add it in nearly any amount—whether it's just a few cheerful accents or a whole wall of color.

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Make It Mid-Mod

yellow bathroom mid century

dazey den

Bright and bold colors are staple features of mid-century style, especially if you're going for a more Palm Springs vibe. Bring this retro look into your bathroom with bright yellow paint. But make sure it's not too bright—you don't want to be blinded by your own bathroom.

To make it look more mid-mod, pair the yellow paint with graphic and geometric patterns or retro-looking hardware. Or, for a more southwestern look, add in a few succulents.

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Try Pale Yellow

yellow bathroom off white

Katie hodges design

Off-whites are all the rage nowadays. But for a creamy color that will make your bathroom feel cozier too, try a pale, barely-there yellow on your walls.

The warm tones of pale yellow will make your bathroom feel inviting rather than cold, while the paint's neutral tones help it fit in with nearly any style or bathroom cabinetry. If you'd rather not repaint, use these warm and neutral tones elsewhere in your space, like in your linens or countertop accessories.

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Pair Yellow With Brown

yellow bathroom brown

dazey den

A great way to make a bold color pick like yellow shine in the bathroom is by pairing it with a contrasting color that will make it pop.

Here, Dazey Den paired a warm yellow with a rich brown for a laid-back southwestern look. To get the best effect, use your contrasting color as an accent one, using it in bathroom linens, hardware or decor items.

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Add Some Stripes

yellow bathroom stripes

blakely interior design

Looking to add a little whimsy to an otherwise boring-and-basic space like the bathroom? Add some yellow stripes. Bright yellow is an innately fun color, so it's a no-brainer combo with whimsical wide stripes.

If you'd rather your stripes look a little more grown-up, use thinner ones, or pick a deeper or more pale yellow. Either way, time to enjoy your newly-striped yellow bathroom.

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Use a Yellow Shower Curtain

yellow bathroom shower curtain

emily jane lathan

Looking to add some sunny and bright yellow to your own bathroom? For an easy and colorful upgrade, add a yellow shower curtain. But to make your color pick look intentional, make sure your shower curtain isn't the only yellow thing in your bathroom. Add a few other yellow accessories, like a toothbrush holder, a pot, or a soap dish to complete the look.

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Try Just a Splash

yellow bathroom accent

house of spolland / @houseofspolland

If loads of yellow makes you nervous, we understand. But rather than ignoring it entirely, start small. Begin with a few yellow accents, like House of Spolland did here with a yellow mirror and towels. Once you feel more confident with your color pick, consider adding some yellow paint to some accents, like beadboard or shelving, or keep your splash-of-yellow bathroom just the way it is.

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Try Yellow Cabinetry

yellow bathroom cabinets

kwd & co

If you have some yellow paint on hand, give painting your bathroom cabinets a try. It's an easy (and unique) refresh that can be done in a day. Pair the yellow cabinetry with silver or nickel hardware to complete the look.

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Install Yellow Tile

yellow bathroom tile

home with helen and co

There are few better ways to bring yellow into your bathroom than with yellow tile. Pristine yellow glass tile gives your bathroom plenty of color without sacrificing its streamlined and polished look. If you're looking for a yellow that's less modern and more vintage, pick a pale yellow tile. Its muted tones will give your newly-colorful bathroom some serious '70s vibes.

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Embrace Pattern

yellow bathroom pattern

Design x Woods

For an updated, contemporary look that takes a little inspiration from the century, use patterned yellow tile in your bathroom. The above bathroom from Design x Woods features matching wall and floor tile, for a vast expanse of warm yellow pattern. The most dramatic tile effect will come from larger, repeating patterns, like sunbursts.

If you want a tile pattern that's a bit more subtle, pick a smaller pattern and tile. But make sure you use them to fill a smaller space than you would a larger tile, as a wall full of tiny patterns could feel overwhelming.

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Try Vertical Tile

yellow bathroom ideas vertical tile

camp golddust

For a yellow tile look that makes your tiny bathroom seem bigger than it is, try vertical yellow tile. The long lines of the yellow tiling create an illusion of height, making your bathroom feel more spacious and less cramped.

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Try Out Terrazzo

yellow bathroom terrazzo

Dzek Dzek Dzek

Sometimes, you're looking for a bathroom style that's less mono-colored and more multi-colored. If that's you, try out terrazzo. This stunning and fun mosaic tile brings in plenty of yellow, but also other colors too, like blue and deep orange.

A multi-colored look like this is a good way to bring in some subtle yellow to your bathroom. And to make that yellow look all the more beautiful, pick terrazzo with navy blue—it complements perfectly with yellow.

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Use Many Hues of Yellow

yellow bathroom different hues

Dzek Dzek Dzek

Another way to bring in yellow without having to have a solid wall of it is by using many different hues of yellow in your bathroom. This will help break up any visual monotony, and if you go for a mosaic wall, like the one here from Dzek Dzek Dzek, the result will be stunning. This doesn't need to be done in mosaic tile though—you can also use many different shades of yellow in your bathroom decor or linens for a similarly layered look.

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Pair Yellow With Green

yellow bathroom green


Another winning bathroom color combo? Yellow and green. These botanical tones pair beautifully with each other and create a color palette that brings the outside in. To get this look, use a warm, sunflower-like yellow as your main color. Then, use green accents throughout the bathroom to add a few dashes of cool color. Consider using green window coverings or houseplants, like Moodesignz did here. Want to amp up your bathroom color even more? Bring in some splashes of orange or red too. You'll be left with a bathroom look that feels sunny and bright all year long.

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Use a Yellow Tub Surround

yellow bathroom tub surround

kat at croft corner

If you love the look of yellow tile but don't love the price tag of covering your entire bathroom in it, try out a tiled tub surround instead. It's cheaper than wall-to-ceiling tile throughout your whole bathroom, but it still brings in plenty of sunny color.